Ultimate Racism

by Hugh Dawson

Have you noticed when a black person voices a conservative opinion that the left leaps on the person with ferocious criticism including name calling like “Uncle Tom” or worse? I can only conclude that elite liberals believe that all blacks must have only liberal beliefs? No thinking off the the plantation is allowed. Could anything be more insulting or derogatory? Could anything be more discriminatory? It’s like saying, you uppity blacks get back on the plantation and behave. You can almost hear the whip cracking.

Since liberals don’t think that blacks should think independently its fair to ask whether liberal policies improved the lives of blacks​? Quite the opposite. Welfare policies encourage unmarried women to have more babies to get more benefits and not get married because then they lose benefits. The result is that 70 to 80 percent of black children are raised in one parent homes which means those children are far less likely to achieve their potential. Their likelihood of graduating from high school and getting a job that will lift them out of poverty is quite low.

The irony of LBJ’s war on poverty is that we have spent trillions of dollars in this so-called war and even more people are in poverty now than when the “war” started.

Let’s look at the status of liberal thinking and racism currently.

The liberals tell us that white people are automatically racist. I strongly object to this false labeling based on my own life experiences. I was born in totally segregated Arkansas during the 30’s and graduated from an all white high school. But my time the in army erased the concept of color and my best friend, who recently died, was black. Additionally, I recently discovered who the white racists really are: White Liberal Progressives! Let me explain.

The high school in Oak Park, a Chicago, Ill. suburb, is revising their grading system to allow for what they see as black students inability to learn as well as white students do. They are clearly saying that black students are mentally inferior to white students. Can you think of a more racist attitude than that?

Here’s a little background: Oak Park has a population of 53,000 which is 66% very liberal white and 18% black with a median annual income of $97,000.

Their school board thinks the best way to deal with white privilege is to give blacks a free pass, no education required. Teachers must adjust their grading process to account for color ethnicity and ignore missing class, misbehavior or failing to turn in assignments. This is supposed to raise black student’s grades and lower white student’s grades. This is supposed to achieve “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice.” Maybe my brain cells are slowing a bit but I don’t see how this plan achieves even one of those four goals.

This is supposed to confront “the racial and socioeconomic discrepancies often experienced by our under represented student population.” Is there anything more racist than telling an entire racial group that they are incapable of learning so we will just pretend that they succeeded?

This liberal progressive school board will cause these unfortunate young black students to live in poverty and possibly turn to crime. Maybe they are just trying to help LBJ in his war on poverty by adding to the poverty rolls although LBJ did a good job of that.