August 2022 MEETING

Please RSVP NOW (click here) and join us at Inman’s Kitchen for our meeting on Thursday, August 4.

Margaret Byfield!! Back by popular demand! Margaret spoke to us in February about the insidious 30X30 plan which is an international scheme to take our land in the name of permanently “protecting” it. Several members expressed a desire to learn more from her.

Margaret Byfield is the executive director of American Stewards of Liberty,
a national private property rights organization founded in 1992. American Stewards confronts the policies eroding property rights, such as the Biden Administration’s 30 X 30 initiative. The organization also works directly with local communities to help protect the continued use of our natural resources – the production of our food, fiber, energy, and minerals.

Margaret will be here on August 4, 2022, to further enlighten us.

Good news! In addition to Margaret Byfield’s return performance, we must prepare for our annual election. Please consider running for an officer’s position or a place on the steering committee. The steering committee includes the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer plus five members at large. If you choose to run, leave your name and desired office with Janet, our Secretary, at the August 4th meeting; the election will be during the September meeting.

More good news: The dinner will be smoked brisket and fixins.

As always, we invite all of you to review our editorial page on the website. If you have thoughts or opinions, please fire up your keyboard and submit any editorial content for inclusion on our page.

Please make reservations early so we can get a good head count. Click here to make reservations

As always, the dessert table is open (by donation).

Make your reservations by replying to this email (click here) or calling 951-323-1690.

Social at 6:00, dinner at 6:30.


  NEW LOCATION for meetings!

Inmans BBQ

809 W Young St  (HWY 29)

Llano Texas